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Ragnar Relay Niagara: five thoughts

I ran the Ragnar Relay Niagara on the weekend, my third time doing this particular event and my sixth crack at this type of two-day, team relay race. Read more

Music carries the spirit of Christmas

It’s a little less than two weeks before Christmas and I’m seated in the River Run Centre, just two rows from the front of the large stage. Read more

The house that Thomas and Helen built

“SO WHICH is harder, building a house or writing a novel?” I ask novelist Thomas King and his partner, Helen Hoy, who is a painter. Read more

My best, and worst, running moments of 2014

Running – just like life itself – has its ups and downs, its ebbs and flows, its highs and lows. Read more

Huge public grief for Guelph workplace death

When I heard about Constable Jennifer Kovach’s accidental death by traffic accident in Guelph last week, I felt sick. She was only 26, and died suddenly, for no easy reason, perhaps just a slippery road.

Read more