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Ragnar Relay Niagara: five thoughts

I ran the Ragnar Relay Niagara on the weekend, my third time doing this particular event and my sixth crack at this type of two-day, team relay race. Read more

Josh Cassidy: built for speed and for artistry

In his race photos, Josh Cassidy is an intimidating, even fierce presence. Read more

Nice shot, Randy – eulogy for a friend

My friend Randy called me last February, shortly after he received the news that his cancer had metastasized and his condition had gone from “hopeful” to “terminal”. He was worried, and although his spirits were sagging he was also on a mission. Read more

Great shift, Randy

by Peter Kuitenbrouwer

Randy, my friend, is dying. He has cancer and he’s not going to make it. Read more

It’s in us to give

IT’S 8:10 AM on a Tuesday morning as I enter the Guelph blood donor clinic. I love this place on a sunny day like today, with its comfy recliner chairs and bright, south-facing windows – even if the primary view is a Mr. Lube auto shop. I ignore the TV that’s suspended from the ceiling, tuned to CP24 news. I prefer to watch the clinic hubbub, the other donors and the morning traffic on Silvercreek Parkway.

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Testing the machine at full power

I’M NOT SURE what possessed me to sign up for a VO2 max test at the University of Guelph recently. Curiosity? Fascination with numbers? Vanity? Nothing better to do at 5 pm on a Thursday after a sedentary day at the office?

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