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Over hill, over dale, over park, over pale

IT ONLY TAKES a mere three months for spring to arrive in Ontario, so here we are at 6 pm on the first warm Thursday of the year, early May, eight runners standing on a grassy secluded hill about to start our weekly tempo workout together. It’s a first for 2011 ­– everyone’s in T-shirts! The sun warms our skin as a cool breeze rustles our hair. We fidget and stretch, shaking off a day of inactivity, readying our bodies and minds for the coming exertion.

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It’s in us to give

IT’S 8:10 AM on a Tuesday morning as I enter the Guelph blood donor clinic. I love this place on a sunny day like today, with its comfy recliner chairs and bright, south-facing windows – even if the primary view is a Mr. Lube auto shop. I ignore the TV that’s suspended from the ceiling, tuned to CP24 news. I prefer to watch the clinic hubbub, the other donors and the morning traffic on Silvercreek Parkway.

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