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Posts from the ‘Running’ Category

The boy whose breath deserts him when he sleeps

It’s a busy Wednesday night at the Fergus swimming pool. Babies as young as a few month’s old are being introduced to the water in the small, warm pool.

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My best, and worst, running moments of 2014

Running – just like life itself – has its ups and downs, its ebbs and flows, its highs and lows. Read more

A track workout is a repetitive thing

I received this cryptic email in the middle of the afternoon yesterday: “Tonight’s workout will be 6 x 800 / 3′, then a 400m / 90″ / 300m / 60″ / 200m / 45″100m.”

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The curious joy of Tempo Tuesday

It’s dark. And cold. A winter wind blows from the north. My watch reads 6 pm. I should be home enjoying a drink or a meal, right? Yeah, but it’s Tuesday night. That means group tempo run with my club, the Guelph Victors.

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Man down in the half-marathon

Yesterday was a great day for a road race. And then quite suddenly, it wasn’t.

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Dreams happen when you keep trying

LAST SUNDAY I ran the Hamilton marathon in just over three hours, my first 42.2-kilometre race since New York, two years ago. It wasn’t my fastest ever – in fact, it was pretty average. But one of the joys was racing with loads of my training partners from the Guelph Victors. I drove down in a van load of six; I ran the first 25 kilometres in lockstep with Stephen and Lisa; and the finish line had a strong Victors vibe as we all cheered our teammates home. I had my eye out for one teammate in particular, but I never saw him, not at the start nor at the finish. Read more

The magic of the mile

LATE ON A FRIDAY EVENING: the mid-June sun is lingering, a soft breeze blows, and I’m standing on a red clay track behind a line of white chalk along with eight other middle-aged guys. We’re all outfitted in similar singlets, shorts and racing spikes. I’m uncharacteristically nervous before a race.

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