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My best, and worst, running moments of 2014

Running – just like life itself – has its ups and downs, its ebbs and flows, its highs and lows. Read more

Dreams happen when you keep trying

LAST SUNDAY I ran the Hamilton marathon in just over three hours, my first 42.2-kilometre race since New York, two years ago. It wasn’t my fastest ever – in fact, it was pretty average. But one of the joys was racing with loads of my training partners from the Guelph Victors. I drove down in a van load of six; I ran the first 25 kilometres in lockstep with Stephen and Lisa; and the finish line had a strong Victors vibe as we all cheered our teammates home. I had my eye out for one teammate in particular, but I never saw him, not at the start nor at the finish. Read more

It’s not about the clock: NYC marathon 2010

THE NEW YORK MARATHON is the largest in the world, with 45,000+ runners. So everything about it is complicated, commercial and highly organized, from the application process (a lottery that draws 124,000 applicants) to the marshalling of runners at the start line (into almost a dozen separate “waves” and “colours”). You have to go with the flow and trust that they know what they’re doing, because you’re a very small fish in a gigantic school.

Read more