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Posts from the ‘Aging’ Category

The little wave that lives forever

Once upon a time there was a little wave, bobbing along in the ocean, having a good old time. She was enjoying the wind and the fresh air. She had her friends around her. Read more

Nice shot, Randy – eulogy for a friend

My friend Randy called me last February, shortly after he received the news that his cancer had metastasized and his condition had gone from “hopeful” to “terminal”. He was worried, and although his spirits were sagging he was also on a mission. Read more

Great shift, Randy

by Peter Kuitenbrouwer

Randy, my friend, is dying. He has cancer and he’s not going to make it. Read more

Randy’s state of grace

There is a sombre, monotone painting resting on the window sill of Randy’s room at Toronto Grace Hospital.

Read more

The man who lost his ability to comprehend language

I met a woman earlier this year (a chance conversation with a friendly stranger in a coffee shop) whose husband had a stroke 20 months ago. When you hear “stroke” you may think facial paralysis, a limp, or perhaps worse – coma, complete disability, utter dependance. Read more