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Five haikus to the root canal


The endodontist

keeps his files in a holster

Canal sharp shooter



My dentist is Sikh

He speaks with disarming charm

Antidote to fear



Four needles numb jaw

A Coldplay soundtrack distracts

I watch, wait, endure



How do you judge depth?

“Electronic gauge,” he says

Not plumber’s feel – whew!


How many per day?

“Eight,” the reply, as I pay …

I’m in the wrong job


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  1. Nice job Art. Good to see some if your other talents with the pen. (Aren’t we all in the wrong business? Except real estate agents.)

    July 21, 2017
  2. Ann Hedley #

    I have a client who is an orthodontist. He runs his practice like a Cirque Du Soleil performance and sees 125 patients per day! Seems like a fairly lucrative gig, LOL.

    July 21, 2017

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